Vita text

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Pedantic iameter

Too wise to be to you I know am
To be too want to love to crow I do
If you should guess that I am just myself
Then this would lead to big unhappineff

One day the sun will shine on you and me
On me d’abord and then perhaps on you
For I for one was here when it came up
And you were there when it went down again

It seems that I have found a new fledged toy
To play with as I please and at my ease
If I were to share this with someone else
I know not how the thing would right around

A new bright shiny toy indeed I have
And you can have one too if you desire
Along the edge of campfire’s light we stroll
Never going too close nor too far lest heat’s toil be undone

I wish I could express that last bit better
Perhaps I should have writ it in a letter
To you then posted it inside a slot
A think that would have helped an awful lot

Well this is fun and you make no mistake
I like to play around in someone’s wake
Should kitty cat and join the upper crust
I won’t be seen for clouds and clouds of dust